Google Drive Gives Favor to Students with Unli Cloud Storage

google drive unli cloud for education

While OneDrive gave 30GB free storage for new customers, Google drive makes a big come back.  Although the approach the approach is different and not targeted to the general public using cloud storage, it has a better cause, in my humble opinion.

Here is a perspective I got from

To put that in perspective, Google’s education users only used to get 30GB of free space — that’s more than enough for most, but dropping storage costs mean Google is trying to replace your paper-laden bookbag with the cloud. Itching for your turn to try the improved Drive? If your school is a current Google Apps for Education user, you’ll see the unlimited space appear over the next few weeks… though you’ll have to wait a bit for some of the other bells and whistles to go live. Vault, for instance, is second on the list of priorities after making sure everyone gets their unlimited storage, and auditing support (yawn) is due to come sometime after that.
The good thing also is , as long as the institution has a Google Apps for EDU domain and teachers are granted accounts in it, teacher can also avail of the unlimited online space that they need for teaching purposes.

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